Immersive by design

People love stories. They love experiencing new worlds, new friends, and new perspectives on life.

Sometimes those stories can escape into the real world.

Sometimes, those stories are the real world.

That’s where Séance Media comes in.

We create and manage immersive events people fall in love with.

Séance Media develops unique productions for theaters, fundraisers, nightclubs, non-profits, marketing & branding activations, online games, haunted houses, and escape rooms.

As an immersive experience production company located in Philadelphia, our goal is to build a sense of awe and wonder into live events, to give people a reason to leave their homes and put down their devices, to create events that can only be described as “you had to be there.”

We design events that tell stories in new and interesting ways.  Ways that engage your guests and allow them to become a part of the story.  Ways that make them want to tell your story to their friends long after the experience has ended.  Ways that make your story the focus of something new and memorable.

Immersive experiences live at the intersection of art, storytelling, and magic.  The goal is to create a story worth living in and we want to bring your story to life.


How are immersive experiences created?

The most important part of immersive storytelling is the removal of friction between the world we want to present and the guest’s suspension of disbelief.  This is accomplished by creating a world—a combination of story, set, characters, and rules—that engages the four major pillars of sensory experience: Agency, Emotion, Character, and Depth.

Giving the audience agency means giving them the feeling that they can express their will within the world we’ve created.  Their actions can evoke a realistic response from the characters and the set pieces.

To create an immersive experience, the audience’s emotions must also be engaged.

The story should be built in a way that allows the audience to feel attached to the world.  This is done by creating archetypes of very simple and base emotions then findings new ways for the audience to relate to those emotions.  Everyone's felt loss or victory at least once, so we find ways to tap into those memories, and then we give the audience reasons to release their emotions within the context of the story.

Next up is character.  As the audience experiences the story, they should feel as though all care was taken to present the world in a way that does not stretch or break their suspension of disbelief. The characters they meet should feel like real people just turned up to theatrical levels.

Finally, there's depth.  Depth is the hardest to achieve in an immersive experience but is oftentimes the most rewarding.  Like a simple game that can be won in a hundred different ways, we want to keep the story basic enough to be understood but stimulating enough to drive discovery. Heightened awareness of details should be rewarded with an even deeper understanding of the experience.

At Séance Media, we can bring this type of experience to your story.