Our Story

Immersive experiences are like storms; ephemeral, sometimes life-changing, always memorable.

My name is Tome Wilson. I lead the immersive productions at Séance Media and the theatrical productions at The Mill Race Theatrical Company.

My credits include the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark activationTheater of FearThe Poe Project, Celeste Giuliano Creepshow Peep Show, Séance Media Spook Show, The Witches Ball, Lady Dunsworth's DilemmaThe Holiday Thingy Cabaret, and The Witches’ Summoning along with large-scale Philadelphia events such as the 1920s-themed Jazz Age on the Delaware festival and the immersive comedy SPIES!

Prior to Séance Media, I was a marketing director and educator specializing in the experience economy.  If you were Sherlock Holmes, you would find my fingerprints on the Comcast/NBC merger, the Winter Olympics, Fortune 50 technology in use by millions of Americans, and an Emmy statue.

I started Séance Media as a way for people to experience other worlds; worlds that previously existed only as books or video games. Now, my team gives people ways to connect and share their stories in the real world.

Let's connect so I can hear your story.


Séance (sé·ance) {n.}

To sit.  To meet.  To communicate.

At Seance Media, we listen to you. We want to learn everything we can about your story and services. By knowing the details, we’re able to turn your story into a memorable experience.

In the right hands, those experiences become stories of their own. Our specialty is ensuring those stories turn into unforgettable legends.